Cinnamon neater taskbar

I’ve been using the LinuxMint distro with the Cinnamon GUI for about a month or two now and today I found a neat tweak. The tweak is no game changer but if you’re like me and would like a cleaner taskbar similar to that of mac or windows the information below will be helpful. So without further ado I present you with the howto below, cheers and I hope this information finds its way to some people.

tl;dr // LinuxMint bottom right-hand task-bar gap removal


Find ‘Menu'(Accompanied by a cog icon in my case) right click it, then click ‘Menu Settings’ From there click All Settings and then Panel where you are going to see a similar windows as pictured below and copy my settings.
Alternate method: Menu>Preferences>Cinnamon Settings>Panel and then see settings below


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