5 Reasons Why I Love Linux

  • 1. It’s Open Source: Linux Distros are forged by the fingertips of developers around the world brought together by a love of technology.
  • 2. Commands…. All the commands: If you’re new to Linux, and you stick with it long enough you will inevitably be forced to use the Linux terminal at some point. For example, you want Spotify… looks like you’re pulling up that terminal. Sounds like a job for ‘Control-Alt-T'[On Most Distros], you will/have come to realize that the Linux Shell is awesome.


  • 3. Less distractions: This reason is specifically tailored towards me and my short attention span. Here’s the scenario, I’m all pumped to start working on a project. I’ve got my coffee ready and I’m logging into Windows. The next thing I know Steam and/or Origins starts up advertising the latest and greatest game. Three hours later, IT’S OVER!!!!!!
  • 4. Feel like a Hacker: This one ties back to number two, the terminal is just a key-combo away. Say goodbye to clicking icons, well unless you want too. Some simple terminal usage examples:

    google-chrome [Open Chrome if it's installed]

    firefox [Open Firefox if it's installed]
    spotify [Open Spotify if it's installed]
    cd Doc* [Change current terminal directory to Documents, if you started in the Home directory]
    nano something.txt [Opens a text file named something.txt in a popular terminal text editor]
    rm *.jpg [Remove all files with the extension .jpg in a directory]
    ls -l [List files and directories in a directory]
    stat -c "%n %a" * [Print permissions level Of files and directories in a directory]
    sudo service mdm stop [Stop x-server on Linux Mint 15 to work with just a terminal and no gui]
    sudo service mdm start [ :P ]
  • 5. Customization: This is ‘your’ operating system, if you’re willing to take the plunge you could modify virtually any aspect of the system. You can fork from online distro repositories. Chances are most customizations you’d like to make won’t require you to go through all that. Out of the box(download) most distros are fairly flexible with customization. You can modify all sorts of settings in config files scattered across directories on your system.


If you’ve got any criticisms leave a comment, please keep it constructive!

This has been my first post in a long time, between a hurricane ruining my family’s house and college I’ve been kept busy. I’m going to try to breathe some more life into this blog though.

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